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The Black Case Diaries is a movie discussion-based podcast hosted by three friends in Central Ohio. Marci, Adam, and Robin are movie and TV enthusiasts, using this podcast to distract themselves from the crushing weight of early adulthood.

Join us this week as we honor summer and baseball with an episode about The Natural!

Based on the novel by Bernard Malamud, this film paved the way for successful baseball movies. Join us as we talk about its legacy!

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Today we are taking a look at the career of choreographer-turned-director, Kenny Ortega! Kenny Ortega is responsible for some of the most iconic dance scenes of the 1980's, from the lift in “Dirty Dancing” to Duckie’s moves in “Pretty in Pink.” He went on to direct some of Disney’s cult classics that will be remembered for generations.

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Welcome Back! This week for June Tunes, we decided to have a little fun and rank our top 10 Disney Villain songs! 

It’s undeniable that Disney music is an iconic element to the studio’s best animated films. Disney songs have permeated American (and sometimes world) pop culture throughout the last 70 years. Some songs are tender moments between characters while others are show-stopping power ballads that we belt out in our cars. Today, we’re taking a look at some of the most fun and interesting entries in the Disney songbook: The villain songs. 

These songs are incredibly important in terms of introducing the audience to the main antagonist, giving us a look into the mind and motivations of a character. A good villain song is fun to listen to and perform, and it brings (sometimes) much-needed depth to these intriguing characters!

We’re bringing you a top 10 list of our favorite villainous tunes, with some background and history on each. 

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Hello Cassettes and welcome back to The Black Case Diaries podcast! We are on week 2 of June Tunes, and this is a very special episode. We have covered film concepts and individual movies, but today is our first-ever biography episode! 

A while back, we did some episodes about movie scores. We talked about prominent composers and themes we think every movie fan should know. But today we are highlighting one man in particular: John Williams.

This man has majorly influenced not just film music, but mainstream American culture for the last 45 years. Even if you don’t know his name, you might know his music. His themes have made you feel inspired, scared, happy, and sad; and they may have even convinced you to believe in magic. 

So come jam with us while we talk about the man, the myth, the movie music legend: John Williams!

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Welcome to season 4 of The Black Case Diaries! We decided to return strong with our now annual series on movie music: June Tunes! This month we will be covering various topics all involving music in movies. Today we’re starting with an all-time favorite: The Blues Brothers! 

In the summer of 1980, a film that defied description raced into theaters. The Blues Brothers starred two big names from SNL, an all-star list of Rhythm and Blues legends, and one of the biggest budgets in comedy history. Even John Landis, the film’s director, wasn’t sure what genre the film belonged in. Is it a comedy? Musical? Forty years later, one thing is for certain: it’s a cult classic of epic proportions. 

Ride along with us as we talk the history of the band, SNL sketch, and the film. You will find show notes and links on our blog:

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The IT Case

Hey everyone and welcome back to the season 3 finale of The Black Case Diaries! Last week we wrapped up our series on Animation, and today we have decided to completely shift gears to discuss one of our favorite TV shows. 

In February of 2006, UK audiences were introduced to a new multi-camera sitcom created by Graham Linehan (co-creator of another popular sitcom, Father Ted) called The IT Crowd. It followed a young woman named Jen, a new hire at an ambiguous company. She is shocked to discover that she has been placed in the IT department, located in a cluttered space within the darkest depths of the building. There she meets Moss and Roy, two computer savvy nerds lacking in people skills. 

Join us as we talk about the making of the show and our favorite episodes! You can find show notes and sources

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Welcome back to our last episode in our animation series! This month we talked about the history of animation: a story of passion, ego, and innovation. We’ve covered the Disney Exodus, the history of Pixar, stop-motion, and of course LAIKA. Today, we wrap up our series with an episode about a studio that has been enchanting audiences with breathtaking visuals and rich stories for the past 35 years: Studio Ghibli. 

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Thank you so much for tuning in this month, it was a blast getting animated with you all! 

Welcome back to yet another week about animation! This week, we’re continuing our look at Stop-Motion with a studio that stands on its own as a leader in claymation. 

Since its founding in 2005, Laika has been making a name for itself among the animation elite. Though stop-motion is not the most popular or cost-effective form of animation, they continue to stun audiences with their technical mastery with each new film they produce. 

Last week we talked about Will Vinton, the father of “Clay-mation.” This week we are picking up with the end of his story and the beginning of Laika. We will touch on each of their five movies, and what we “Laika” about them. 

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Hey Cassettes! Welcome back to another episode about animation! This week we're covering the history and process of stop-motion! We all know that animation takes patience, but none so much as stop-motion animation. Animators spend years meticulously creating hand-built sets and characters, moving their pieces millimeters at a time for at least 24 frames every second so the audience can watch it all come to life. 

Today we are taking a look at one of the most beautiful and painstaking animation techniques, and how it’s been winning the hearts of audiences one frame at a time. 

In this episode we cover the history and evolution of stop-motion animation in film, but stop short because NEXT WEEK we will continue with stop-motion by covering one particular studio known for this type of animation. (We hope you LAIKA it)

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Welcome back to our month of Animation! This week we are going to focus on one particular studio that hopped into the animation world back in the mid-1980s, and completely changed the game. 

Since its first feature film in 1995, Pixar has been a symbol of animation excellence. Not only that, it became known for rich, original storytelling that engaged audiences while pulling on their heartstrings. Although Pixar has been owned by Disney since the mid-2000’s, for the most part it still stands on its own under the mouse-ear umbrella.

Today we're taking you back to where it all began!

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