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The Black Case Diaries is a movie discussion-based podcast hosted by three friends in Central Ohio. Marci, Adam, and Robin are movie and TV enthusiasts, using this podcast to distract themselves from the crushing weight of early adulthood.

Welcome back to yet another week about animation! This week, we’re continuing our look at Stop-Motion with a studio that stands on its own as a leader in claymation. 

Since its founding in 2005, Laika has been making a name for itself among the animation elite. Though stop-motion is not the most popular or cost-effective form of animation, they continue to stun audiences with their technical mastery with each new film they produce. 

Last week we talked about Will Vinton, the father of “Clay-mation.” This week we are picking up with the end of his story and the beginning of Laika. We will touch on each of their five movies, and what we “Laika” about them. 

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Hey Cassettes! Welcome back to another episode about animation! This week we're covering the history and process of stop-motion! We all know that animation takes patience, but none so much as stop-motion animation. Animators spend years meticulously creating hand-built sets and characters, moving their pieces millimeters at a time for at least 24 frames every second so the audience can watch it all come to life. 

Today we are taking a look at one of the most beautiful and painstaking animation techniques, and how it’s been winning the hearts of audiences one frame at a time. 

In this episode we cover the history and evolution of stop-motion animation in film, but stop short because NEXT WEEK we will continue with stop-motion by covering one particular studio known for this type of animation. (We hope you LAIKA it)

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Welcome back to our month of Animation! This week we are going to focus on one particular studio that hopped into the animation world back in the mid-1980s, and completely changed the game. 

Since its first feature film in 1995, Pixar has been a symbol of animation excellence. Not only that, it became known for rich, original storytelling that engaged audiences while pulling on their heartstrings. Although Pixar has been owned by Disney since the mid-2000’s, for the most part it still stands on its own under the mouse-ear umbrella.

Today we're taking you back to where it all began!

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Hey everyone, welcome back to our series on Animation! This week, we’re continuing to look at the development of other major animated film studios through the lens of The Disney Exodus; an event that took place over the course of a few decades, but ultimately occurred in the late-70's and early 80's, when animators left the studio to pursue other projects--taking their skills and ideas with them.

When we say Exodus, we refer to a lot of people leaving the studio at once, and a lot of people did leave Disney! 

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Hello Cassettes, Happy Animation April! This month we're focusing on the animation medium, its history and some of its major studios/films. This week we are starting with a general history of animation through the cartoons and films of the early 20th century!

This week, we’re taking a look at the history of animated films and their evolution throughout early cinema. So bust out your flip-books, pencils, puppets, and clay; it’s time to get animated!

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Love them or hate them, zombie movies have their place in cinematic history. These films featuring the living dead have been around as early as the 1930’s. Not long after that, however, a new genre appeared: The Zombie Comedy. 

In 2004, Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg utilized the zombie concept and created Shaun of the Dead: a modern Zom-Rom-Com about an uninspired man leading an uneventful life until he’s faced with a zombie apocalypse. Shaun of the Dead became an instant classic, developing its own zombie-like following that has stayed strong for the last 16 years! 

So this week come join us at the Winchester where we will have a nice cold pint and discuss how Shaun of the Dead will never blow over. 

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Fencing, fighting, torture, revenge, giants, monsters, chases, escapes, true love, miracles.  Doesn’t sound too bad right?

Today we’re talking about the greatest love story ever told. It tells of a love so pure it can be simplified to three words: As You Wish. “The Princess Bride” galloped, soared, and leapt into theatres in the fall of 1987 and has left a lasting mark on American culture ever since. So gather close and get ready for some adventure--and don’t worry--this isn’t a kissing movie.

Join us this week as we discuss the history of this hilarious and heart-warming classic!

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This week we are celebrating women's history by discussing the trailblazing comedy duo Zasu Pitts and Thelma Todd! In the early days of talkies, Pitts & Todd made 17 comedic shorts with Hal Roach Studio. 

Listen as we discuss these hilarious women, their lives outside of the movies, and our favorite shorts. 

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In August of 1993, children across America fell in love with a campy live-action TV show about five teenagers who battled the evils of the universe. The Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers soon became a global phenomenon, and the series still has a strong following 27 years later.

Join us this week as we discuss the history of The Power Rangers!

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Hey Cassettes! In the late 1960s, six comedians premiered a sketch comedy show on BBC. They became known as Monty Python, and their wacky, nonsensical humor changed television. Join us this week as we discuss the history of Monty Python's Flying Circus, and their feature film, Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1975).

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