Welcome to SNICK-tember! Each week will feature an episode on a SNICK TV show. The first one on our list? Ka-BlaM!

Ka-BlaM! was billed as “A New Kind of Cartoon Show,” that featured a mixture of different shorts in a variety of mediums. It played as a video comic book, with the animated hosts Henry and June guiding you through the pages. Ka-BlaM was unlike any Nicktoon before it, a strange--yet hilarious--show that perfectly harnessed the magic of 90's Nickelodeon. 

Today we’re covering the history of this often-forgotten gem. So, grab your popcorn, sit back, relax, and let us turn the pages for you. 

You can find show notes, sources and clips at: https://www.blackcasediaries.com/

Twitter: @blackcasediary

Instagram: @blackcasediariespodcast

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